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UsersHomeDirectory not showing 2000 pro

By radiic ·
Hey all. Well I am at the point where I can Finally start migratting my users from their nt4 w/s to 2000 pro, because of the core application that our company switched to now works on that platform. I am still running NT4 Servers, until I start the dreaded migration for them too. I have a PDC on one segment of my lan (lan A) some bdc's on other segments (lans B & C). Users are getting their home directory assigned to them through their profile.
h: \\server\usersdirectory

The couple of2000 pro machines that I built and installed for users on Lan A when they logon it doesnt map their home directory, and also does not run their logon script. Now the machines that I built ( the exact same way) that I have put on Lan B and C run their scripts and home directory just fine.

On Lan A logged on as that user I can drop to the cmd and type the unc to the logon script and watch it run. I also tried using the /persitent:yes in there and it doesnt hold when the user reboots.

The only difference I can figure is that On Lan A they get their auth from the PDC. Lans B & C get theirs from their respective BDC's. I am wondering if it is some sort of permision problem with the way the 2000 pro logon or what.

I have done the usual search in tech net and have yet to find anything about this. Have any of you run into this>? If so was wondering if you could point me to the right direction to fix this.


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