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using 2 gateway

By ssssss2 ·
I am having two cable router having private ip and in my network. Both the router has external IP as well as internal private Ip. I have DHCP server assigning dynamic Ip to the users connected on LAN. By default user are accessing internet through but the problem is sometimes the net connection from my ISP on router goes down, so in that case the LAN users are unable to acess the internet. Is there any provision in windows or DHCP where if my one router is down the user can acess the internet from my other router i.e in this case without me giivng static IP and gateway on users machines.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to using 2 gateway

No not really unless you reconfigure DHCP to supply a different gateway and reboot the PCs to get new settings. Best thing to do is restart the router to get internet access.

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by _Christian_ In reply to using 2 gateway

There is a theoretical answer, but I never had the occasion to try it.

So here goes (repeat on EACH user PC):

- Open the local area Connection properties
- Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) - at this point, you may also want to check the "show icon in taskbar.." for ease of access and support, if it is not already.
- Click "properties"
- On the next box, click "advanced"
- at the bottom, there is the default gateway box. It is empty by default, which is probably incorrect in your case.
- click add, enter the main gateway's IP, leave the "metric" box as it is. Accept.
- do the same for the secondary gateway.

You should now have both gateways listed in the "default gateway box", the top one being the main one if I remember correctly (you can swap them here, anyway)
Close and accept everything.
You may be asked to reboot your PC. Accept.

This should now work.

Keep me posted, I want to know how it works in practice ;-)

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by ssssss2 In reply to

I tried this Christian but it doesnt work windows 2000, it somehow works in widndows XP. Still looking for the solution on win 2000. Is there no way where I need not do any changes on client machines?

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by amitlochav In reply to using 2 gateway


Before the routers you can use a linux box as a gateway server.allow all users on LAN to access internet through linux m/c.

for Linux system set defult gateway as so now all trafic from lan will go to via linux box.

once thie link is down just change the default gateway at linux m/c to So all trafic will go through link

like this you need not to do any changes on users PC.


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