Using a Desktop Wifi card in a Laptop?

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I have a Dell XPS13 9350 laptop whose internet connection is giving me problems. I have read that this device ( is suitable as a replacement WiFi card. However, I would prefer to buy from Australia to receive it ASAP. Is the card in this desktop device ( the same as that on the amazon website? If so, can I disconnect the card from extraneous desktop components such as the antennae so as to use it in my laptop?

Thanks for any help

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From what I can see here both are Desktop Cards

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Using a Desktop Wifi card ...

Neither will fit into a Notebook/laptop they simply do not have the correct slots inside them.

If it an Ethernet issue you can get a USB to WiFi or Etherner/RJ45 socket and along with the software that comes with these devices you can use the connection that you want through one of the USB ports on your Notebook.

Remember that each USB Port on your Notebook can have up to 145 USB Devices connected to it though you will need to use a lot of USB Hubs if you wanted to connect that many devices. Most people only have a couple of USB Hubs with up to 6 USB Devices connected at a time.

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