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    Using a Proxy server


    by angelo ·

    I have a mixed bag of WinXP and MAC users with a large turnover where not everyone logs into the domain but can still have internet access.

    I have a W2K server as the DC and ISA server 2004 installed on a Win2003 server.

    I would like to force everyone to go through the proxy whether they log into the domain or not. Is there a way I can do this without having to manually configure everyone’s PC or MAC and ensure that these settings are kept even if a user removes them?


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      by angelo ·

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      At the networking level

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to Using a Proxy server

      The firewall should be configured to send all http (etc) traffic through the proxy as appropriate. And the router should send all default traffic to the firewall. Then it doesn’t much matter what people put in the proxy information as all http traffic (and others as desired) must go through the proxy as per the routing rules.

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        Cisco newb

        by angelo ·

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        Thanks but how would i configure my firewall to redirect requests to my proxy? I have a 515 PIX.

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      by saravanakumar_cool ·

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      i want peoxy linkl

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