Using a router to connect to a wireless network?

By TaGam ·
I'm not sure if what I want to do is possible, but I have a feeling it should be.

My Situation:

Downstairs - Cable Modem connected to a D-link Wireless G router, hard wired to a family computer.

Upstairs - Wireless N Router, hard wired to my computer and PS3.

What I want to do is connect the upstairs network to the downstairs wifi.

Drilling to run a wire isn't an option, I realize I could just get a wireless card for my computer BUT I don't want to have to use the computer to serve internet to the PS3, so ideally I need the router to connect to the downstairs wifi and serve it to the upstairs network.

Is there something I need to do the firmware on one of the routers to allow this, or do I need another piece of hardware to get this done or am I SOL?

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It is possible

by SKDTech In reply to Using a router to connect ...

You need to change the router upstairs from functioning as a router to functioning as a Wireless AP bridge. Need to know the make and model of the router to tell you how to do this. Also you will need to make sure both routers have the same SSID, encryption and passkeys.

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Excellent :)

by TaGam In reply to It is possible

The Upstairs Router (Access point) is a D-Link DIR-615

The Downstairs Router is a D-Link WBR-2310

(I can switch them if necessary, though not preferred)

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