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    Using a server as a router


    by timothy.fuller ·

    Hello, I am trying to set up a server running Windows Server 2008 beta (much like WS 2003) to act as a router/gateway for my small office network. The physical setup is as follows: DSL Modem > Server (with 2 NICs) > Switch > Desktop PCs. The server has a static IP address assigned by the ISP, and I have set up an active internet connection on the server with this IP through NIC 1. No problems there. However, I am getting a bit confused when trying to set up the server to grant internet and network access to the end-user PCs. I tried following several online tutorials dealing with creating a NAT server, then a DHCP server, in Windows – with no luck. I am pretty sure that I am entering the wrong IPs in some spots. Can anyone help smooth this out? Or if a question similar to this has already been answered here, please forward me the link? Thanks!

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