using a speedtouch as a switch

By alsolaih ·
Dear all;

I've a simple question related to using apeedtouch modem as a switch.
Because i've many modems unused, and i decided to use a speedtouch modem insted to by a new switch.
my question is: this modem won't affect the network and slow it.


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فكره رائعه

by Kerah In reply to using a speedtouch as a s ...

dear alsolaih,
answering you will depend on some qustions
what is the size of your network
what is the percentage of dependability on your network
wish you nice times dear bro

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by alsolaih In reply to فكر&#16 ...

We've 3 main Linksys switches , but in one point i needed to add extra point, then I decided to put a speedtouch modem as a switch for this extra point temporarily.
someone told me it isn't good to use a speedtouch modem, that was my question.


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ok bro

by Kerah In reply to Welcome

The only device we can say about don`t use is the hub as you know,so i don`t see any problem in connecting the new point with the modem even if you connect it through a hub it will work good as it only one point and the hub will switch all the data to it ....wish it will help

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