using a switch as a network repeater

By trif55 ·

I have a company planning to upgrade to gigabit ethernet, they have a main floor where most of their connections will be used and a second floor where they need about 6 connections,

however its over 100m in cable length to get to the second floor, would a 12 port unmanaged switch support 6 simultaneous transfers at full speed and act as a repeater for those 6 lines?

if not what is the best solution to this problem?

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by patb071 In reply to using a switch as a netwo ...

Install a repeater.

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by trif55 In reply to Repeater

I just tried googling "Gigabit Repeater" but can't find any, suggestions/links? I feel I'm missing something obvious here.

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Fiber would be the best solution

by robo_dev In reply to using a switch as a netwo ...

Assuming you use an Ethernet switch that uses standard GBICs for uplinks, then you would use a ST fiber gbic for a link up to around 550 meters, and a SC fiber gbic for anything up to 2KM.

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by trif55 In reply to Fiber would be the best s ...

Aren't fibre cables/GBICs probhibitively expensive for a small company?

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Fiber to Ethernet tranceiver at either end.

by 1bn0 In reply to expensive?
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I use them at home...

by robo_dev In reply to expensive?

I've been working with computer infrastructure and networking for upwards of 20 years, and if there's one thing I know, is that cutting corners to save money never ends well.

Fiber optic cable is around 75 cents a foot, and the cost to install is probably a couple of hundred. GBICs are less that $100 each, or external fiber-to-ethernet convertors go for ~$100 ea.

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switch as repeater

by Foster5000 In reply to using a switch as a netwo ...

yes, it will likely work just fine.

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by trif55 In reply to switch as repeater

Hi, I briefly explained the situation to our supplier and he said putting more than one line between switches would cause looping, is this true?

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a thought....

by ---TK--- In reply to looping?

Say you have a 12 port switch. Port1 goes to the other switch/router device, and all the other ports go to PC's/servers. This situation would be fine.

Now if Port1 and Port2 both go to another switch/router, then yes it would cause a loop.

Adding in a repeater would be fine as long as it repeats only that single line.

The difference between a repeater and a switch is that a repeater will send out a mass broadcast causing alot of unnecessary traffic, all the PC's will ignore the boadcast except for the PC that wants the information. A switch on the other hand will Cache the MAC address of the PC's, and forward on the traffic to the corresponding MAC address.

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by trif55 In reply to a thought....

My aim is to have more than 1Gbs between two main areas of the building (which are also separated by about 200 meters)

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