Using a touch pad in a PC

By x_veemon9 ·
I want to know if there's a way to use a touch pad from a laptop in a PC, or if there some kind of adapter, i'm trying to use the touch pad of a compaq presario 1400 like this

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Why Not Just Buy One?

by TheChas In reply to Using a touch pad in a PC

As to if you can adapt a touchpad from a laptop to work the a PC, the answer is perhaps. It depends on how the specific touchpad is integrated into the laptop, and what your electronics skills are.

You would first need to determine the specific touchpad in the laptop and then get as much information as you can from the OEM vendor.

Worst case, you will need to design and build an interface to go from the touchpad to either USB, serial, or PS/2.

My thought is, why bother. Here are 2 links to sources for PC ready touchpads.

You might want to check ebay and surplus computer sites for keyboards that have built in touchpads.


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Nice idea

by mjd420nova In reply to Using a touch pad in a PC

It might be a nice idea but not practicle. The motherboards of the laptops has a specific UART chip that interfaces the touch pad through the BIOS to the video cursor control chip. I don't know of any MOBO mfgr that incorporates that technology into a desktop MOBO. Besides, the touch pad is a poorly inaccurate pointing device. I hate the things and are as hard to get used to as a track ball mouse.

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I use

by Dr Dij In reply to Using a touch pad in a PC

the adesso wkb-120

is a full size kb but with a touchpad like a notebook keyboard has.

not sure if you meant this or a full size touchpad for cad or drawing use.

They are about $50. there's a ps-2 connector version, the USB version now tends to be more popular.

there is a 'natural' (split keyboard) version of this for about $20 more.

For some stupid reason Fry's ( does not carry this. Microcenter has it tho.

You can order them online from various places too. I've had to do this at times. I would go to the microcenter store. The exchange would be something like this:

They would not have it on shelf. I'd ask manager who looked it up and they would say, yes we have 1 or two in stock. Ok, can you get it for me? No, they could not find it.

Ok then, can you fix your inventory, take a physical so that it will be set to zero so you'll order more? Apparently not. I'd end up having to leave without it due to stupid manager at the OC store, and order it online at times.

ONly thing I don't like is there is a power on/off key right above print screen. If I hit it by accident when occasionally heavy use of print screen key, poof, your PC shuts off only semi-gracefully.

I've had to pry off keycap to keep my sanity.

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