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Using active directory to block all but one website

By cheiring ·
I have a seasonal worker that needs to access a payroll web site to log in and out for the day. I want to lock it down so he can only go to that web site and nothing else. Any suggestions on how I would do this in active directory? I have put him in his own policy.

Thanks for all the help.

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Point his browser proxy settings to an imaginary proxy

by robo_dev In reply to Using active directory to ...

and make the payroll site the only exception.

Make sure you push the policy to lock down the web browser network settings

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New to policy's

by cheiring In reply to Point his browser proxy s ...

So I am a little new to setting up policy's. I think I may of done this already.

What I did was I opened the policy to edit it, then I went to. User Configuration>Windows Settings>Internet Explorer Maintenance>Connection>proxy settings.

I set the address of the proxy to port 8888. I put the payroll site in the exceptions area and when I sign on as the person it still lets me go to anywhere I want.

When you say lock down the web browser network settings do you mean the internet options under IE?

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Not sure what else he needs to do but

by jimmy-jam In reply to Using active directory to ...

You could remove the DNS servers from that PC and just make and entry into the local host file for the sites both internal and external he is permitted to go to. Not sure of your setup so this maybe more labor intensive that I am aware but if it is only a handful of name resolutions that need to be done this may be an easy way to do it.

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