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    Using Aero in a Windows 7 VM (VMWare Workstation)


    by dylanblair150 ·


    I’m trying to run Windows 7 in a VM, but it doesn’t feel perfect without Aero. 

    I’ve done a bit of reading, and apparently, my GPU (GTX 760) needs to be newer than the GeForce 8800 GT, in which my GPU is slightly older, yet more powerful. I think this is pretty stupid, but whatever.

    I’m currently using VMWare Workstation Pro 17, and I want to know: What is the latest version of VMWare Workstation to support aero in the guest OS with my GPU, the GTX 760, and how can I go about downgrading to that version? What about VMWare Workstation Player? Are there any changes I could make to the VM to let aero work?

    I hope to get input on my situation soon. Thank you!

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