Using an earlier version of Internet Explorer in Windows 98 SE

By jardinier ·
IE 6 simply does not work in Windows 98 SE. There is just an error message: "Buffer overrun."

In association with this problem Outlook Express 6 will receive mail but cannot send it.

The question. As it is impossible to uninstal IE 6, would it be OK to install an earlier version (5 or 5.5) in a separate folder?

A problem might be that AOL functions perfectly with its own connection to IE 6.

Please do not suggest that I download ieradicator because I have done that previously and it DOES NOT WORK.

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by TheChas In reply to Using an earlier version ...

Hi Julian,

Start with IEradicator. It is reported to be able to uninstall IE from any Windows 9X system.

I have not used it myself. So I cannot attest to it's effectiveness.

If you have at least some browser functionality, before you remove IE6, see if you can download IE 5.5 from the browser archive at so you have it ready to install.

I have observed a lot of problems on W98 systems with both IE6 and DirectX 9.

Often, these can be corrected with a video driver update, or a new video card with a driver that supports DirectX 9.

Best wishes for a joyous New Year!



I have to start reading posts more carefully to catch all the details.

Generally speaking, you cannot install an older version of IE over a newer version.

I further assume that IE6 is not listed in Add/Remove programs.

You may need to try one of the general purpose uninstaller programs and see if that does the trick.

I don't have a specific recommendation for one of those either.

My second suggestion still stands, see if you can update your video driver.

You might also give the link to Repairing IE5 on this page:
a try.

If I come up with any more ideas, I will pass them on.


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Earlier versions

by jardinier In reply to IEradicator

Hi Chas

I have earlier versions -- 5 and 5.5 -- from old ISP installation discs.

As I said, I have tried ieradicator when this was recommended when I asked a similar question some time ago and it didn't work.

Please note that I asked if I could install an earlier version IN A SEPARATE FOLDER.

The catch with this as I mentioned is that AOL works fine with IE 6 with its own special connection.

I will visit the websites you have listed.

And a jolly Christmas to you also. :)

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by TheChas In reply to Earlier versions


Installing an older version of IE to a different folder will not make much of a difference.

The primary reason is that IE is very heavily integrated into the entire Windows OS.

Many of the files that IE uses are also Windows system files.

About the only way to have 2 different versions of IE running on a system would be to set up the system as a dual boot and have IE 6 in one partition and IE 5.5 in another.


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Thanks Chas

by jardinier In reply to Folders

I suspected that was the case. BTW do you know if IE 7 is integrated with XP? I am going to try it anyhow. It is available on a disc which contains SP 2 also.

Currently the systems I have on various computers are 98 SE, ME and XP Pro.

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Uninstall Links

by TheChas In reply to Using an earlier version ...


Here is a site with a lot of good information on IE.

The link takes you to the IE uninstall page which mainly has links to Microsoft articles.


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Have you scanned for malware?

by jdclyde In reply to Using an earlier version ...

I have seen this on 98se. When the user would try to launch IE, he would crash and burn. All other functions would work.

Ran AdAware and S&amp and it removed the malware. Worked just fine after that.

Make sure to run scan in safe mode.

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I will try that

by jardinier In reply to Have you scanned for malw ...

When I have run Spybot recently it seized up about one third way through the scan. So I will try it in safe mode.

Thanks for the tip.

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when having that kind of problem

by jdclyde In reply to I will try that

I never trust just one cleaner.

AdAware and S&amp are just the first two. Try shreader and also look in your msconfig for anything you don't recognise. There was an application called "startup", can't remember who by, that would also tell you everything that is starting at bootup.

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a clear solution

by Brooklyns Finest In reply to when having that kind of ...

upgrade your machine if not---try hijackthis
its a tool that will scan all startup registy and sytem files when booting may have an issue once your machine boots up and not just when clicking on IE...let me know

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clear solution

by jdclyde In reply to a clear solution

is to WIPE or replace, not upgrade.

I have found the best thing to do with an old system like that is to buy a barebones system that doesn't have a hard drive. move that over and throw the rest away, all for $150 USD.

The cheap way to go from a PII or PIII, up to a P4.

Of course, I would still do the wipe and reload.

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