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    Using ASP with Sharepoint


    by troubledkoala ·

    Hi all,

    I’m trying to run some simple asp forms on a Sharepoint site, such as
    you might see anywhere, with [form action=”/Email.asp” method=”post”].
    They’re part of my company’s old site and they want them migrated to
    the new.

    When I put one of my forms and Email.asp in the Sharepoint site
    (embedded into a web part page as a Page Viewer Web Part), and the
    user tries to submit the form, they get:

    —-The following file(s) have been blocked by the administrator: /

    Troubleshooting gives me this seemingly helpful paragraph:

    I can’t get custom Active Server Pages to work correctly on my site

    Note By default, the ISAPI filter for Windows SharePoint Services
    blocks the use of any ASP pages that are not part of the Windows
    SharePoint Services installation. If you want to use custom ASP pages
    with your SharePoint sites, you must put the ASP pages in a separate
    virtual directory, and create an excluded path for the directory in
    Windows SharePoint Services. This allows IIS to control the directory,
    rather than Windows SharePoint Services, and allows the ASP pages to

    Researching this gives me these oft-repeated steps from Microsoft for
    excluding a virtual directory:

    Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and
    then click SharePoint Central Administration.
    On the Central Administration page, under Virtual Server
    Configuration, click Configure virtual server settings.
    On the Virtual Server List page, select the virtual server you want to
    On the Virtual Server Settings page, under Virtual Server Management,
    click Define managed paths.

    However, I don’t see “Defined Managed Paths”. I see Provisioning
    Options with “Extend and create a content database” and “Extend and
    map to another virtual server “.

    It’s possible I never set up the virtual directory right and/or that I
    need to do a lot of steps before I even get to this point. I also
    don’t know the difference between a virtual directory and a virtual

    It’s also possible that I don’t have the right Sharepoint products for
    this advice. We are using WSS 2.0 and Sharepoint 2003.

    I also found advice to use “Manage Blocked File Types” to remove the
    file extension, but that caused the code to display instead of
    execute. And now I can’t find the Central Administration page to undo what I did.

    Any help would be appreciated. Everything I know is self-learned and
    there’s no training in the budget for the rest of the year, so talk to
    me like a newbie. Thank you!

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      by troubledkoala ·

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      Use Layouts Folder

      by reachvel ·

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      To add a custom aspx page in your sharepoint site, i advice the following steps:
      1. Create a wsp project in VStudio.
      2. Add folders: 12->Template->Layouts-> [Foldername].
      3. create aspx page inside this folder. don forget to inherit default master page & use default content placeholders inside the page)
      4. create App_code folder in sln.
      5. Add the codebehind .cs file in Appcode folder. use namespace, bind masterpage and all your stuff there.
      6. Build wsp and deploy in your site.
      7. can access the page as http://[server]/_layouts/%5BFolderName%5D/Page.aspx

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