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Using both saves time and money -But for small screens...

By onefocus99 ·
I found that by using a basic table for structure and the rest of the page use CSS, speeds up the development. Then all browsers see the page the same way.

Take a look at source code for "the sneak peak for the new TechRepublic": http://techrepublic.com.com/html/tr/preview/updated_TechRepublic.html?tag=5208promo
Near the bottom they use tables too.

It really depends on who is suppose to be seeing it. Who is your targeted audience, a small screen?

To address the small screen issue:
I have not done a lot of designing for small screens, but on one page I used the tag: <smallscreenignore></smallscreenignore>
and then at the bottom gave them a link that they could see on a small screen. If I'm wrong on this please tell me. That page is:

Things are changing and everyone needs to keep up with what is new.
But you can't beat, 'Keep It Simple' ( nobody is stupid here ).

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