Using Cell Dataplan with a wireless router thru laptop

By Energymike ·
I have a Data Plan on my Verizon Blackberry, soon to be replaced by a Droid X. Verizon also charges me an extra $29.99 for their mobile boardband. That has a 5Gig monthly limit. My wireless doesn't (until I exceed it).
I need to use my NetGear Wireless N router for the other PCs in the house and DirecTv to access the on-demand.
How do I connect my internet connected phone to the wireless router to share my internet connection?

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My question is...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Using Cell Dataplan with ...

Why? It would be much slower than DSL or cable...

I don't have the phone but, how does the computer make the connection? Could you possibly share the connection and route all internet requests through that computer? I don't know of a native way to connect a cell phone directly with a router...

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No providers available

by Energymike In reply to My question is...

I would be happy to get cable or DSL to my property, but have not been able. I'm actually on a notification list for a 4G provider.
Only providers are HughesNet or Satelite. Satelite is slower (with daily restrictions) than using my phone's dataplan. HughesNet is expensive and again includes daily restrictions on download amount.

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Well maybe if you can connect the phone to the computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Using Cell Dataplan with ...

By some sort of cable you can share the Internet Connection from the first computer and then use the existing LAN to distribute the Internet through that computer.

You'll need to run the Network Setup Wizard and tell that computer that it connects directly to the Internet and all other computers connect through it.

If there is some sort of Wired connection between the phone and computer that may work.

As for connecting to the Router no you can not connect that way, so it's an easy answer.


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Formerly shared internet via Router

by Energymike In reply to Well maybe if you can con ...

My home desktop was running Vista 32. I was able to share the internet from my dataplan anytime I logged onto my desktop with my phone. Problem was it's located in the basement and suffers typical signal loss by not being at the top of the structure.
I've updated the OS to Win7 Home Premium and had to use the router upstairs connected to my DirecTV system so I can share the DVR functions throughout the house. Cannot get support anymore on my Netgear 632 (I think) "N" router as they say it's obsolete.

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