Using cell phone as modem, where to find phone number of ISP

By jjnellio ·

I'm trying to use my cell phone (through Metro PCS) as a modem for my laptop.

However, I'm having trouble finding the phone number of my ISP. (Am I supposed to use my actually phone number?) My user name would be my phone number and my password would be what I use to access my account online, right?

I tried looking for the info on my phone, but can't find it. Does anyone know anything about all this? I do have both my phone and computers paired up and connected to each other through bluetooth. So that's a good start, eh?



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i asked metro pc

by openhousespecialist In reply to Using cell phone as modem ...

they told me that they did not have the capability to do this even though the cell phone i purchased from them, a nokia, says the phone allows for it. so, i guess we just wait until they decide we can have access. let me know if you hear of another way. thanks, joanng.

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#777 Tethering can work with metro's a link

by robo_dev In reply to Using cell phone as modem ...

Copied from a forum:

Here's a breakdown of what I did to get online with a PC, my Nokia 6265i and DKU-2 cable:

1.) Made sure that the Nokia 6265 modem was showing up under Phone & Modem Options in the Control Panel (Win Server 2003 in my case, XP is the same).

2.) Created a Dial-Up Networking (DUN) connection using the Nokia modem. I used #777 as the phone number. Username was <10 digit phone number> and password was mymetropcs. The key to getting this to work properly was to include the init string: +crm=1;+cso=33. This is done through the modem properties. From what I've read, I believe this string is what tells the phone that a data call is being made as opposed to a voice call. (Someone feel free to correct me in the very likely event that I'm wrong on this one!)

3.) Then I opened Internet Explorer, went to the Tools menu, Internet Options, Connections tab. Once there, make sure you've selected the dial-up connection from the list and click the Settings button. Check the box for Use a proxy server for this connection and enter in the address box and 3128 in the port box.

I was able to successfully surf the web and use Outlook Express. Don't expect broadband speeds... it's pretty slow compared to most people's internet connections at home, but is invaluable when traveling or at someone's house that doesn't have internet service.

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Tethering can work with metro PCS Bluetooth too

by aloha In reply to #777 Tethering can work w ...

I was also able to use it through Bluetooth. No cables required. It's awesome, all you have to do is setup the bluetooth connection first and when the Nokia software is installing make sure it sets up the phone as a modem. Besides that all smooth sailings. Only one other thing: Sometimes it needs some time to open the port and make the BT connection so it may fail and redial in a minute, but as soon as you get notified of the connection with the phone you can redial it.

Thank you for the original post, couldn't have done it without it.

Also, battery will die quickly using bluetooth but for me it's worth it.

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Which phone to use for internet tethering?

by jjnellio In reply to #777 Tethering can work w ...

I have MetroPCS service and a Samsung 870. I have tried everything. I've hooked both my computer and phone to each other, but when I go on the internet... it'll only stay connected for about 20-30 seconds at a time, which is not long enough to load a page. My internet connection keeps getting disconnected.

Which phone should I get so I can actually use the internet on my computer? Anyone know of a good model that works well?


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Have same phone and it's working

by jc1305a In reply to Which phone to use for in ...

Sorry I'm late to the party, I've had this phone for over a year, but until now did not have a bluetooth laptop to try this. After following the instructions on, I was connected.

I have a Samsung sch-a870 phone, but had problems until I upgraded my wireless plan to include Metroweb. So make sure you have a web enabled wireless plan.

Make sure dialup settings are:
username "phone number"
password mymetropcs
dial #777

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i tried but can't get it to work.

by joshjph91 In reply to #777 Tethering can work w ...

i have a samsung from metro pcs and i did everything from username to passwords to phone numbers and everything and it still won't go on the internet. what am i doin wrong??

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Flash Your PPC6700/xv6700 to Metro PCS

by spry981 In reply to #777 Tethering can work w ...

I found this site which has very detailed instructions for flashing your ppc6700/xv6700 to Metro PCS. It includes steps for getting your phone on Metro Web.

Flash Your PPC6700/xv6700 to Metro PCS -

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to; robo_dev - #777 Tethering can work with metro's a link

by jambilini In reply to #777 Tethering can work w ...

HELLO! CAN YOU PLEASE BE SO KIND AND TELL ME MORE/IN DETAILED ABOUT The key to getting this to work properly was to include the init string: +crm=1;+cso=33
3. THIS STEP in the address box and 3128 in the port box ALSO DONE.


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Useing Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phone to access Internet.

When no other means of connecting to the internet is available, mobile workers can use their blue tooth enabled cell phone as a modem.
An advantage to using blue tooth is your phone can remain in your laptop carrying case or pocket and blue tooth does not require direct line of sight connection.
If your laptop is not already blue tooth enabled, you can purchase a USB blue tooth adapter.

Turn on the Bluetooth enabled cell phone and turn on the Bluetooth connection software.

1.Make the phone discoverable.

2.In Windows XP on the laptop go to My Bluetooth Places.

3.Select View Devices in Range.

4.After the discovery process is complete you should see the icon for the cell phone.

5.Right-click on the icon and select Discover Available Services.

6.To connect to your cell phone right-click on the Dial-Up Networking.

7.Select Connect Dial-up networking.

8.The phone will ask if you want to accept the connection request, decline or add to paired.

9.The last step pairs the phone and laptop and performs the connection request.

10.You will be prompted to enter a PIN code to pair up the devices, the PIN is entered in the cell phone.

11.A dialogue box appears asking for user name, password and the phone number of your ISP.

12.Click on the dial button to complete the connection.

1.To find devices in range you can click the Bluetooth menu and select Search for devices or open Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood and press F5.

2.Pairing a phone and laptop will ensure the connection can be established whenever you require it and you don?t have to go through the set-up process each time. If you do not pair the two devices you will have to make the phone discoverable each time.
What You Need:
Bluetooth enabled cell phone
Bluetooth enabled laptop

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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