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Using Cisco VPN Client v4.8.1 with no local access

By support ·
We are having a problem with 4 laptop computers that have had the Cisco VPN Client V4.8.1 installed on them. These laptops are used by our traveling staff members as they are out in the field. The VPN client allows them to get back into our system while they are on the road. Since the installation of the VPN Client software, these 4 machines work just fine except that they drop the Goldmine 6.5 (our CRM) connection with our server while they are on-site and working in their offices. All other laptops and workstations in the Office do not have this problem.

At one point, it was thought that the problem was resolved by turning off the wireless net adapters while the staff were on-site. That worked for awhile, but it doesn?t seem to matter any more. I have worked on two of the staff members? machines and though I had some progress by installing the latest network card drivers, being sure the machines were clean of any spyware, gray ware, viruses, etc. and making sure all Windows and Office updates were installed, the situation has deteriorated so that those steps no longer work. We even reformatted one of the LT?s to see if that would make a difference- it didn?t.

The four staff members are able to log into Goldmine OK and work in the application OK. But if they leave Goldmine inactive for 3-5 minutes, it will disconnect from their LT the minute they move the mouse or click upon any button or tab in the application. The Goldmine screen just vanishes at that point.

Have there been any reports of problems with the Cisco VPN client and Goldmine? Are there any other steps I can take to resolve this problem? Please advise.

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loging VPN client's session

by zaidumer In reply to Using Cisco VPN Client v4 ...

how do u guys generate logs or the vpn clients making a session to you ASA.
we are using asa 5520 and i would very much like to know how to log the vpn clients connection details eg login logout etc etc.

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Using Cisco VPN Client w/ no local acces- RESOLVED

by support In reply to Using Cisco VPN Client v4 ...

Select START and go to Administrative Tools. Double click on Services and locate the Cisco VPN. Right on it and select STOP. Set a desktop icon to take you directly to the Services and allow the staff member to START the VPN services when on the road and STOP it when they are working out of the local office.

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