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    Using Custom Content Type in Site Definition?


    by aminsatyam ·


    Normally when you create a new publishing site in MOSS it automatically gets a default page created using the WelcomeLinks.aspx page layout. But I have changed this behavior like below and created a page based on custom content type and page layout of my choice.

    Inside ONET.XML file, there is a modules section (as below), it defines the PublishingPageLayout and ContentType to be used when a site is created.

    But my custom content type doesn’t work(apply) for available page layout first time, when I create new site collection by selecting custom site template. It works fine, when I create new page by selecting my page layout with custom content type.

    Does anyone has any idea why it behaves strange in my case. Thanks for your help in advance.

    Satyam AMIN

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