Using DI-524UP with win 98

By ec ·
Can anyone crack this one?

I have two computers sharing an internet connection through a DI-524UP router. One is running Win 98 and the other one XP. It works fine on both of them.

However, I would also like to share a printer connected to the print server on the DI-524UP. It works on the machine that runs XP, but I cannot set up the printer on the one with Win 98.

According to the manual, the printer should be acessed throug a TCP/IP port, which is an option when setting up a printer in XP. But you cannot chose a TCP/IP port when setting up a printer in Win 98. I have tried to find out if I can create a TCP/IP port for printing, but could not work it out.

Does anyone know how to do this or have a suggestion for a workaround? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

The D-link support service turned out useless: "We do not know (sic!) how to set up the DI-524UP in Win 98, but here is how to do it in Vista... We hope this helped you solving your problem" Eeeemm.... no!

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by hetaali In reply to Using DI-524UP with win ...

Google is your friend.
This is acctually a Microsoft problem, because you need a 3:rd party driver to ba able to set up a tcp/ip printer port in win98 to be able to print to a print server such as the D-Link DI-524UP.

Here you'll find a guide:

And here a link to another guide and a link to the 3rd party driver:



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by ec In reply to help

Hey, I had almost given up on that one! Thanks for for your reply.

I've found the advice on lockergnome myself, but it didn't work out.

The other one, however, looks promising. I can't seem to find the ACITS LPR utility, though. It seems like the Univ. of Texas web server will not let me download it?

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