Using different IP addresses for online vendors who are connected locally

By Willie ·

we have various vendors who are directly connected to our network. They have staff located on our network who need to access their online resources (OWA and CRM apps), but not via the internet connection. They are able to access these via the local link as I have added their domain names to our DNS server and it all works great.

My problem is with one verndor, a very large company, for who I cannot create a local copy of their domain name as it changes too often. In a failover environemnt, they have something like 50 OWA servers and for me to maitain such a domain is unessicary. I cannot use their DNS server as NATting is involved so the IP don't match anyway.

My question is; I need to change the company's www address to an internal (NATted) ip address, and let everyting else resolve via the web. The problem is as soon as one creates the domain on my DNS server and a query for a host in the domain fails, the entire lookup fails.

Is there a way that I can have my own copy of the domain with some hosts in it, and for everything else the ISP's DNS server should be queried?

Additional info:
I created the domain as a primary domain, changed the SOA and NS records to point to the same addresses as the records at the ISP, but all queries which fail still stop at my DNS server.

I would be every greatful if someone could point me in the right direction.

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