Using DOS to backup Flash Drive

By cccgsmith ·
I thought I would write a batch file to backup my flash drive. I used XCOPY with the /s switch, with the parameter being *.* It seemed to run properly, however, when comparing the size of the folder that contains the copied files from the flash drive, it is considerably smaller (about 100 MB out of 750 MB) than the amount of space taken up on my flash drive. Is this to be expected? Is there an easy way of determining what the difference is?


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sounds like it is not copying some items.

by w2ktechman In reply to Using DOS to backup Flash ...

Make sure that the batch file includes copying hiddes and system files. Then compare what is copied, and what is not copied.

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Check what is NOT copied

by Kiltie In reply to Using DOS to backup Flash ...

For example, did it stop at top level directories?

Did it stop at a limit, ie only 100 MB?

Were any error messages produced?

Any other info you can give will help.

What size is the Flash drive, formatted to what format?

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Try /E

by HomusOnline In reply to Using DOS to backup Flash ...

Try adding a /E to the end of the the XCOPY statement. This will ensure that any folders and items in those folders are copied over as well. *.* will not force XCOPY to copy folders/directories.

Also, hop into the command prompt and do an XCOPY /? to see if there are any other specifics you want it to do.

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Good Suggestion

by cccgsmith In reply to Using DOS to backup Flash ...

Thanks for the replies and good suggestions. I will try them out ASAP. The flash drive is 1 gig. I did not have to format it--just started using it. There were no error messages upon completion of the copy. I will have to do some more troublehsooting to see what is happening. This was just a "seat of the pants" attempt at having the files on my flash drive saved somewhare in case I lost it (one of my greatest IT fears, in addition to a hard drive going bad!.) Thanks!

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