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Using EVDO and ADSL simultaneously?

By xF!r3x ·
I have an EVDO connection and ADSL. How to figure the computer so some traffic flows through EVDO ( say setting NIC affinity to particular application ) and remainder through the ADSL connection?

An detailed answer would be appreciated.

I have separate windows and Linux computers, so an solution application to any of them is welcome.

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I might try to help, but I've no idea what an EVDO is - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Using EVDO and ADSL simul ...
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I also forgot, it helps to know what sort of links the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Using EVDO and ADSL simul ...

ADSL and the EVDO (still don't know what it is or does) has between them and the computers, and if you're happy with having one on each computer and they share as peer to peer shares, or have them both connect to a router and have everything share via the router.

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EVDO is.

by xF!r3x In reply to I also forgot, it helps t ...

Lets just say EVDO: Is just another technology that allows you to connect to the internet thru CDMA technology at higher speed even while roaming ( subject to availability of mobile coverage , as they use those towers ).

Coming back to my question, I want to use both ADSL ( connected to the laptop through an wireless router ) and this EVDO ( through USB ) at the same time in any of my computers.

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If they're coming in on different connections, it shouldn't

by Deadly Ernest In reply to EVDO is.

be a problem per se, but the Internet browser will normally be set to look at only one specific connection, you may need to set up the ADSL on one browser and the EVDO on another browser so they can be permanently set up for each connection link.

I had my router set up with both ADSL and dial up at one stage, the router settings had directions to look to the ADSL as the default, with a few special URLs in the routing table before that pointed at the dial up connection through a special modem.

A similar method may work for you, a lot will depend on the hardware capabilities.

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Netgear DG834G

by xF!r3x In reply to If they're coming in on d ...

I wasn't too sure how to set the NAT'ing in windows and where as setting in router doens't come into this scene i guess, As only the ADSL comes through the router and EVDO is connected directly to the PC through USB.

so i assume, any change will predominantly be in the computer unless i stick in the USB device into my router

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