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Using excel to store information automatically

By jphillips ·
OK, I am at a loss. I have limited excel experience and i am trying to accomplish something that i dont even know excel is capable of doing.

I am trying to create a log-in program for test samples in my lab. the samples are normally tested at different dates and they must all have unique, consecutive numbers. for example, if i have 5 samples from this job, they could be numbered 1000-1004. the next five that come in (say 6 of them) will be labeled 1005-1010. we currently hand write the project numbers and ID numbers in a book, but i want to eliminate that due to the errors and lack of efficiency.

SO... i would like to tell excel how many samples i have and when each one of them are to be tested (in days) based on the date cast.
example: 5 samples, cast on 3/24, test one at 7 days, 2 at 28 days and hold one for later testing. At this point (this is where i am stuck) i need excel to look into the next sheet, see the first available (empty) cell and paste the information there and return the corresponding numbers... does this sound crazy?

any help is greatly appreciated.

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