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Using existing WinXP on a new system?

By azrane ·
I've had some hardware issues on a machine that's been running
WindowsXP for sometime (I believe the processor could be going
bad). All data has been backed up. What I would like to do is use
the hard drive on a new machine. I've found my WindowsXP disk
does not allow me to upgrade the existing WindowsXP
installation under a CD-start. Attempting to start XP even under
safe mode results in an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD, so I
can't start an upgrade from within Windows.

Is there anything I can do to keep this installation?

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by Craig321 In reply to Using existing WinXP on a ...

can you start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature?

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by gregnan In reply to Using existing WinXP on a ...

XP will only work on the initial motherboard it was installed on.

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not entirely true

by zeppfrog In reply to

if you take a drive with xp installed from say an amd machine with a via chipset and shove it into an intel machine with an intel chipset, you wont be happy, and best case, you can run your windows xp setup and select repair (not from console) which will basically reinstall all the windows files and leave your desktop and most applications functioning.
HOWEVER, if you pull that same hdd from an amd machine with a via chipset and put it into another amd machine with a similar via chipset, it will most likely fire right up and run.
the important thing here is chipset and processor.... the closer the match, the better your success...

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by HB_BC In reply to Using existing WinXP on a ...

If the hard drive already as a OS on it and your trying to reinstall or repair the OS. You can try this, start your computer with the windows CD and go to the recovery console. In there change the drive letter to your CD/rom letter, then type I386\Winnt32.exe /unattend it should look like this (d:\I386\winnt32.exe /unattend)
This will reinstall windows and leave your Doc's and other files intact. It will take awhile up to 60min to install.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Using existing WinXP on a ...

If you have an OEM or System Restore CD this is in direct violation of MS EULA. You are only licensed to use the MS Software on the Original Hardware.

But if you have already backed up the data and you'll need to make sure that you have it all including the Stored E-Mail and any data stored in programs that you may have loaded the best way to proceed is to wipe the HDD with a utility that writes zeros to every sector of the HDD and then start off the install from that point where the XP installation will format the HDD and then continue to install.

Unless you have a Volume License Copy of XP you'll be required to reactivate the installation of Windows and it most likely will have a different code meaning that it is now picking up different hardware than when it was first installed or on the last install and the Web Activation will be refused so you'll have to ring up MS for an activation code.

Generally speaking you can not transport a HDD from one computer to another and expect it to work as when XP is installed the drivers for the hardware present is installed and a different computer is more likely than not to have different hardware requiring different drivers. From previous experience I've found that using the Repair Option isn't overly successful if it works at all and you are better off starting from scratch with a blank HDD and doing a clean install.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I should have added this as well.

If you have a Restore CD from one of the big computer makers it will more than likely be useless to you as it only holds the drivers for the system it was slipstreamed for so it will be unable to even install drivers for the M'Board that you are now using.

I've never tried this but you may get it to work in a very basic Default Mode and you'll need to install all the drivers that came with the M'Board and any plug in cards as well.

If you can get it to boot up install the M'Board supplied drivers first before attempting to install any others like Video, sound and the like.

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Better late than never

by zeppfrog In reply to Using existing WinXP on a ...

I am sure you have resolved this by now, but for late comers with the same problem, i use software from western digital "data lifeguard" that fully copies one drive to another (provided you have at least one wd drive on your system) and making the new drive boot up with all your old drives data and properties intact. it boots your OS and programs and settings , etc all running and operational as they were on your old drive.
Of course, any other problems you had in your software will be there too. ie: bad settings, viruses, whatever.... that should take care of ya. Really like this application and I use it often

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