Using external monitor on XP Home Edition Notebook

By rksutton ·
I am trying to use an external monitor off of a Dell Inspiron 8100 notebook and docking station. The notebook runs Windows XP Home.

When I boot the notebook, the external monitor begins to display showing the Windows XP windows. At some point during the start-up, it seems like the external monitor shuts off or the start-up shifts the primary display to the notebook.

The external goes black.

Related to this, when I am using the notebook monitor and I open Windows Media Player (for example), the external monitor will go back ON to display the video (as well as on the notebook display).

When docked, the external monitor will always be used. Undocked, use the notebook monitor.


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If you look at the Keyboard

by OH Smeg In reply to Using external monitor on ...

You will find a Key to switch between the Internal and external Monitors this looks like 2 monitor screens one on top of the other.

When you are not using the Docking Station everything is controlled by the NB.

If all else fails Read the Manual.


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Connection problem

by 1bn0 In reply to Using external monitor on ...

It sounds like either the monitor cable is not securely connected or the notebook is not securely seated in the docking station. This might cause the computer to think the monitor has been disconnected and switch to the internal LCD.

Other than that everything else sounds like normal behaviour for a docked notebook.

If the problem persists I would suspect a defective docking station/port replicator.

To test disconnect the docking station and connect the monitor directly to the notebook. Boot the notebook both with the monitor connected but off and connected with it on. After booting with the monitor on, disconnect it from the notebook. The notebook should switch back to the LCD.

Closing the notebook lid while running will have various behaviours depending on your power settings.

When I close the lid:
Do nothing

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Re: Connection Problem

by rksutton In reply to Connection problem

I will check the connection tonight, although I do not believe it to be the issue.

When I am using the docked notebook and its LCD screen and I view a video in Windows Media Player, the external monitor "turns back on" (the computer again recognizes the external monitor) and the video is displayed on the external monitor (as well as the LCD on the notebook).

It seems there is a setting I am missing. In display settings, I am unable to change (uncheck) the primary monitor setting from the LCD to the external.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks for your reply.

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Docking stations are like Pot Noodles...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Using external monitor on ...

They both look nice UNTIL you start using them.

I intensely dislike both!

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Same Issue

by schaeen In reply to Using external monitor on ...

I've got the same issue. Did you get yours solved? I suspect your solution will solve my problem as well.

When I boot up the display is on my monitor but when the desktop is about to be displayed the display switches to my LCD screen. When I check my display settings it says the monitor is not connected...but if I reboot it will use that monitor connection until the desktop displays. Any ideas????

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You will not like my reply...

by rksutton In reply to Same Issue

The external monitor I was using was an older 15" CRT. I used another (newer) monitor just to test. works fine!

I do not know if the issue is that it is an older monitor, drivers, etc.

Wish I could have helped more. If you monitor is older, it may be time!

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Help needed!!!

by wwolexx In reply to You will not like my repl ...

I have a similar problem. My Acer monitor works with my Dell Inspiron 1300 ( the LCD is broken). My only problem is that i can not do a system restore because my external monitor only comes on when the windows login is on. I need to do a Ctrl+F11 at strat up and go through the steps. I cant do that blindly cos the start up defaults to the laptop's screen which is broken.
I have tried all the graphics settings but none worked.

Please HELP!!!

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by david.wallis In reply to Help needed!!!

usually swaps between displays

or fn and another function key

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