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    Using Filters on a Pipeline75 Router


    by hannigans ·


    I wasn’t sure where to put this question on Techrepublic but here goes.

    The router keeps bringing up the line every couple of minutes – I realise this could be because of broadcasts on UDP Ports 137 – 139 I’ve tried to setup filtering and it doesn’t seem to work. Or I’m not setting it up correctly.

    Has anyone worked with Ascend Pipeline75 Filtering.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Seamus Hannigan

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      Using Filters on a Pipeline75 Router

      by pints ·

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      Use the Secure connect Manager and set up a firewall on the internal interface and block those packets that you think could be causing the problems. By filtering on the internal interface then this traffic doesn’t get to the router.
      Make sure you allow Ascend Management traffic through and telnet or you will have to use the console port to remove the internal firewall and restart the router to allow Secure Connect Manager to access the router.

      If you have a linux unit on the network you could use tcpdump to have a look at traffic on your network.
      There is also a command in the Ascend routers to have a look at the line coming up this will allow you to see what traffic causes the router to make the connection.

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