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using firewall in a domain environment

By avramk456 ·
hi all
i am in a network that the only firewall is to the public.
in the network the servers and workstation dont use microsoft firewall.
i wonder if i should configure them to use that firewall?

hope to get an idea and good reason.


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by AmberHaze In reply to using firewall in a domai ...

My personal view is to firewall every machine, opening only those ports which are necessary. The reasoning being, if one machine were to be compromised, it is nice to know that the perpetraiter will be slowed down on propegating throughout the network.

Further to this, the balance of the network will be protected from the inappropriate action of a user who doesn't respect the accepted uses policies. The more users you manage, the more likely you will find such users who insist on violating best practices. Better to plan for it than hope for and assume all will adhear to the rules.

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by CG IT In reply to using firewall in a domai ...

just think, "layered" security.

Firewalls block inbound traffic, but they do not block inbound traffic that was initiated by outbound. That's how web suring can take place without having port 80 open to the public. The firewall will allow the inbound because it was first request by outbound. So all a user would need to do is visit a web site with hidden code click the link to initiate the hidden code and it will get in because the user [outbound] requested it.

A really good AV on the workstations helps considerably with this type of problem.

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