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using hd w/ win98 in computer w/ winxp

By adradon ·
My son has a hd with win98 already installed on it from his old computer. His new computer has winxp home installed. He wants put the old hd in the new computer to dual boot. Would a third party partition program work or will he have to format the old hd? Thanks

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by ReWrite In reply to using hd w/ win98 in comp ...

To add the win98 drive to the xp system you will have to install the correct drivers for the xp system's hardware. Even so, you will run into 1 of 2 problems:

If you install the win98 HD on the new system as a slave or on the second channel, it will not work because it will be the drive and has been previously setup as the C: drive.

If you install the win98 HD as Primary Master on the new system, it should work after it detects the new mobo as mentioned in response #2. However XP will not work because it will have been changed to the drive.

Either way, the best approach would be to wipe the win98 drive and reinstall it fresh in the xp system. You will also need to modify the xp boot loader or get a bootmanager.



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by willcomp In reply to using hd w/ win98 in comp ...

Simplest approach is a boot device selector switch that connects to master/slave jumpers.

Otherwise, you would need to install Win 98 and then Win XP on same drive in different partitions.

One is available at:

In case link is broken, vendor is and item description is: Nicklock Hard disk Selector, Model NL-01 Retail


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by 1 Sane Nerd@Work In reply to using hd w/ win98 in comp ...

2 ways, free or costly

free: this method need some manual tasks of ur intervention on booting up.
put xp HDD in Master Primary, put 98 HDD in Master Secondary. use BIOS boot up sequence to select the hdd to boot up. this means u have to toggle this each time u want to boot into either OS. Manage the win98 hdd in winxp and do not assign drive letter to it so that u wont see the win98 partition in xp as an option.

costly : buy bootit-ng and it solves all ur miseries! It is menu driven. BootIt Next Generation (BootIt NG) (BING) is a partition and multi boot manager.
price is USD34.95 or use the trial before purchase, u hv 30days. I hv ver 1.2, it is now 1.66. if u use 1.66, pls give me ur feedback.

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by 1 Sane Nerd@Work In reply to

either solutions do not require u to reinstall the OS. for the win98, u will have to find the drivers suitable for this new computer to be loaded for the win98 to function properly.

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