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By laura.giacchino ·
I have 2 worksheets, 1 with a key field column1, it does not repeat until the next account number, which is also in the same row column f with the key. key | Accountnum on the second worksheet I am trying to match both the key and accountnum to display a value in col M. The second worksheet already has multiple Acctnums across row 1 and the possible keys in col 1.
If I do =VLOOKUP($A4,apparray,13,FALSE) I get what I want, but it doesn't take handle the fact that there are multiple key + multi acct combos and I just want one that matches both fields. =INDEX('application rem'!F2:F642,MATCH($C1,'application rem'!F2:F642,0)) Returns acct num. v=INDEX('application rem'!A2:A642,MATCH($A4,'application rem'!A2:A642,0)) Returns key. How can I use the two match functions with the 1 index when the array is different on the indexes? I tried to do this in a pivot table, which would be GREAT but I couldn't find a way to show data values, just counts!

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