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Using Internet as a WAN Backbone

By thulisaac ·
I have VSAT at multiple sites across a WAN and my LANs are not inter-connected. All the sites have dedicated internet connection. Is it possible to link all the sites via internet without implementing any of the followings:

1. PC Anywhere
2. Proxy Server or Firewall
3. Hardware Router
4. VPN or IP sec.
5. Remote Dial-up.

If it is possible, please enlighten me.

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by CG IT In reply to Using Internet as a WAN B ...

Is it possible? certainly. by strict definition of connectivity,if all sites have an active, dedicated, internet connection, they are all connected to each other [as well as connected to all the other millions of internet users who have dedicated internet connections]. The reason all the other of millions of people can't access your system is the built in and added security features of the base operating system. Without that built in securiy those millions would be able to access your computer [which some do in spite of that].

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by CG IT In reply to

Now I'll add in in, your question was can they be connected to each other. Not how to connect them in a manner in which they can share information between each other. Is there methods OTHER THAN those you've listed? Yes there are. FTP being one of them [abeit peer to peer file sharing] you can create your own program to share between them [again peer to peer file sharing]

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by CG IT In reply to

another note on this: If all have a dedicated internet connection that implies/means all have an internet service provider that if that, then all have an IP address. That's all that's necessary to find another computer amid the millions of others on the internet as an IP address is unique. The early internet was nothing more than a dozen or so computers all in different geographical locations sharing data with each other over commonly used communications infrastructures. They devised a method of sending said data [packets] that would be received by the receiving end regardless of the route it took to get there.

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