Using IPSEC VPN tunnels with SBS2003 Server

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I have a system running SBS2003. It is linked to a special Insurance Application Server unit, which links to the SBS2003 server and the workstations by IP. One aspect of this is the requirement for the XP-Pro Workstations to have fixed IP's. We have a Broadband router (Zyxel662HW) for Internet use.

One Company Director has relocated his home much further away from head office and wishes to connect via VPN from his home part of the week, and be in the office the remainder.

On the network, this director has a roaming profile established.

We would like to set up an IPSEC tunnel to VPN from his new home and have the remote PC connect into the network such that his roaming profile is picked up (from his user name & password) and he can view all his office e-mails, as well as run the Insurance Apps.

We have created the VPN tunnel OK and can see the server, but how do we get the profile picked up when the remote PC has a different private IP range from that used on the Sbs2003 server.

Can any one advise please? I've looked at Microsoft, but everything I see relates to PPTP tunneling.

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IP is irrelevant

by curlergirl In reply to Using IPSEC VPN tunnels w ...

The workstation's IP address range is irrelevant when talking about roaming profiles. Anyway, when his home workstation connects to the VPN, the VPN virtual network controller gets an IP address assigned by the RRAS server. So, I'm a bit confused by your reference to a "different private IP range," but perhaps I have misunderstood your issue; if so, please clarify.

In any event, if he's logging on to the network with his normal user ID and password, his roaming profile should be loading properly. How do you know that it's not?

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Here are a couple of MS knowledge Base Links that may prove useful

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Using IPSEC VPN tunnels w ...

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