using kubuntu 7.11..."gibbon"....advise/opinions appreciated.

By yellow911 ·
i am a "joe average" computer user, but with an interest in learning, hence my membership of this site..... i have recently ordered a c.d. of kubuntu 7.11 "gibbon", with the intention of escaping the somewhat overbearing presense of the vendors of my present o.s.. i am currently an xp. sp/2 user with no interest in downgrading to their latest example of bloat-ware, thus my interest in an alternate o.s.. i realise that i am going to have a "learning curve issue" with a new and radically different o.s. and to that end would appreciate any advice on offer, re kubuntu . please be aware that i am not a "convert" and do not regard using linux as a "religeous conversion". feel free to converse with me in computer kindergartten-speak, as i have a limited knowledge base of computer-ese to draw upon, but would genuinely appreciate any and all advice. thank you. yellow911.

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