Using LCD for laptop display

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Can I drive a 32" LCD display from my Sony laptop? And would I have to install any special drivers for display, mouse and keyboard?

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if it has

by Dr Dij In reply to Using LCD for laptop disp ...

the digital connector or vga connector.

you'll need a cable from the vga output to the vga of the lcd. My ATI all in wonder card has what I think is called DVI for digital display plus VGA outout split cable but if you have a vga output and the display only has digital input then you have a problem. There might be a converter but not quite as clear as without it I'd think.

then of course there is the max res in the VGA card in the laptop. You may have to settle for using part of the screen, if the 32" display res is greater than the card output? but LCD screens can resize low res output to fill the screen (or is it done in the vga card?)

IF you can cable them together you shouldn't have problems. I have an external TV tuner box with VGA and digital output (with remote, $139 from Fry's electronics) that displays on ANY LCD display (min res 800x600) and adjusts resolution. This might be handy to use the 32" lcd as TV if it doesn't have a tuner.

Another option if none of above work:
Matrox has some 'slicker-n-baby-snot' cards for about $100 and $200 that take ouput from PC and convert it to support multiple LCD and other type monitors. I was looking into this during summer when I was giving talks and thought might be nice to have proj screen plus another monitor (turns out they could be displaying dift info, so I could put questions on proj screen with answers on my mon)

Anyway hope some of this was helpful

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