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    Using Linux as a student.

    by kerdagoan32 ·


    Let me keep this question relatively short and simple – will learning Linux/using Linux as my main OS (as a currently high school student, majoring in C.S. 2024) give me any advantage when it comes to finding a job?

    I want to get a MacBook, but I know Linux “runs” most of the world. Even though mac is Unix based, will using Linux help me at all? Like how often do swes need to know Linux commands and what not? I plan to do back end web dev, or cyber security. Would you all recommend get a thinkpad and learn Linux ?

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      Re: Linux

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Using Linux as a student.

      It would certainly give you an advantage when applying for a job that requires knowledge of Linux. Check the sites offering IT-jobs to see what knowledge is commonly asked for the kind of jobs you aspire, and how many of them explicitely mention Linux.

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        Reply To: Using Linux as a student.

        by birdmantd ·

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        I agree with the answer that kees offered.

        I do think that having the knowledge of more than one OS will be a distinctive advantage over knowing only one. It makes it clear that knowing more than one will likely mean you could more easily adapt to an additional one down the road should the need arise. Personally, I think Linux is still commonly used in some circles and is worth learning.

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          Learning Linux

          by sheila.fenelon ·

          In reply to Reply To: Using Linux as a student.

          Yes, learning Linux will give you an advantage.

          The terminal of a MacBook will help you learn Linux commands and get comfortable using it. But you won’t learn about admin tasks, like installing or updating applications. That’s all easier done via the Mac GUI.

          I would *not* recommend getting a thinkpad or any computer with Linux already installed. Instead find a used computer with a CD ROM drive and install Linux on it yourself. A used desktop will be cheaper and have fewer hardware issues than a laptop. You’ll need a monitor, keyboard and mouse so that will drive up the cost. Check local sellers on craigslist or google “discount electronics no OS” for online stores selling refurbished PCs.

          You’ll learn a lot by installing Linux, breaking it and installing it again. And you can try out different distros.

          Have fun!

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      Reply To: Using Linux as a student.

      by saith2562 ·

      In reply to Using Linux as a student.

      Yes, learning Linux and using it as your main operating system can provide several advantages when it comes to finding a job in the field of computer science and related fields. Here’s why:

      Industry Relevance: Linux is widely used in the industry, especially in server environments and the open-source community. By gaining proficiency in Linux, you align yourself with a technology that powers a significant portion of the digital infrastructure. It can be particularly advantageous if you plan to pursue careers in areas such as back-end web development or cybersecurity, where knowledge of Linux is highly valued.

      Flexibility and Versatility: Linux offers a high degree of flexibility, customization, and control over your system. By becoming proficient in Linux, you can work with different distributions, explore various command-line tools, and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying system. This versatility can enhance your problem-solving skills and make you adaptable to different environments and technologies.

      DevOps and Cloud Computing: With the increasing popularity of DevOps practices and the widespread adoption of cloud computing platforms, knowledge of Linux is highly sought after. Many cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), heavily rely on Linux-based systems. Understanding Linux can give you an edge in deploying, managing, and troubleshooting applications in cloud environments.

      Cybersecurity and Penetration Testing: In the field of cybersecurity, Linux is widely used for various purposes, including penetration testing, forensic analysis, and secure system administration. Familiarity with Linux can provide a solid foundation for learning and using security tools, understanding system vulnerabilities, and implementing security measures.

      Regarding your choice between a MacBook and a ThinkPad, both can be excellent options. While macOS is Unix-based and shares similarities with Linux, using a ThinkPad and learning Linux can offer you a more hands-on experience with Linux systems. It can deepen your understanding of the operating system and provide you with a broader skill set that is highly valued in the industry.

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