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Using Linux (Ubuntu) on a windows network

By hiplicks ·
I need to get a internet connection to my computer which has Linux(Ubuntu)installed on it. All of the other computers in the house are on a Windows network. I can't find linux drivers for an old 802.b usb access point that I have. Could I use another router (connect a router to the linux computer) to get a wireless signal from the router that my Windows computers are on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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netgear has a bridge

by jdclyde In reply to Using Linux (Ubuntu) on a ...

it is only about $80, and they work very nicely. it would then plug into a switch or directly into your system, and your good to go.

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by leadgolem13 In reply to Using Linux (Ubuntu) on a ...

Some routers will act as ethernet bridges, some won't.

A couple of points about finding linux drivers.

1. Make sure you are looking for a driver for your device chipset, instead of brand/model number. Almost all linux drivers are listed by chipset.

2. If you really can't find a linux driver you can try an application called ndiswrapper. It sometimes allows you to use the windows driver in linux.

I personally preffer the netgear xe102. You need a pair of them, but they run data along the neutral of the electrical in your wall. That way they can get to areas that have problems recieving wireless signal. They also plug into a normal ethernet card, so as long as that is working you really don't have to do much else.

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