using master 3.5 ide drive in external drive enclosure

By thinktank24 ·
I am going to use my old hard drive in an external hard drive caddy [40 gig ide]. My old hard drive was a 'master' drive running win2000.
Will i need to change the jumpers on it to 'slave' in order for my laptop running vista premium to recognise it as a external drive?

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RE: Will i need to change the jumpers on it to 'slave' in order

by OH Smeg In reply to using master 3.5 ide driv ...

It is very unlikely that you will need to change the Jumper to Slave. But if it is set to CS and not Master you are very likely to need to change the Jumper to set the Drive to Master.

Most External Enclosures require any IDE Drives in them to be set to Master and nothing else to work correctly. After all the Drive is the Master Drive to the Interface Card in the Enclosure and as there is only 1 drive that is what needs to be done.

You should however read the directions supplied with the enclosure and if there is nothing mentioned the drive needs to be set to Master. Also make sure that the Enclosure that you buy has a decent Power Supply as the weakest point of these enclosures is the Power Supply.

If you need to run the drive for long periods of time or constantly you need a Enclosure with Active Cooling as these enclosures are not designed to shed the heat generated by a HDD running. If you just stick a drive in any External Enclosure and leave it running it is overheat and drastically shorten the life of the Drive. You also need to UnMount the Drive by using the Safely Remove Option on the Task Bar in Windows. If you do not do this and just unplug or turn off the computer the Partition Tables will be corrupted sooner rather than latter and you'll loose your Data Stored on the Drive unless you are prepared to pay to have it recovered. It's quite expensive so it's better not to loose the data in the first place if it is important to you.


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