Using microphone of a "not-supported" bluetooth headphone on Windows

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Hi everyone!

I have a Jabra Elite 85h bluetooth headset. While I'm very happy with this headphone in general, there is one downside to it: Windows/Mac compatibility is not officially supported. If you ask me, this really is a shame: who in the product team ever decided that customers are probably not going to use their headphones for computers, so let's just not support it?!

But aside from this, the output part generally works: I'm able to pair my headset to my Windows 10 laptop, and just like with other bluetooth headsets I've tried, it shows up twice in the playback device list: Jabra Elite 85h Stereo and Jabra Elite 85h Hands-Free AG Audio. The latter also shows up in the Input device list, however when I select it and test whether the microphone works, no recorded sound is actually picked up.

Now I totally understand if nothing can be done about this, as the manufacturer officially doesn't support it, but being the tech enthusiast that I am, I'm always trying to find workarounds or solutions.

So, do you have any tips on what I can try to make this unsupported headphone's microphone work on Windows 10 via Bluetooth?
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