Using MS server registry editor to see if a system BIOS is outdated.

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Say I have to check and see if 200 computers in my office have a outdated BIOS. Would Logging on as administrator and using registry editor be the most efficient way to accomplish this. Meaning would it be the best way to minimize disruptions to my co-workers as well as minimize the time away from my desk,

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BIOS information from multiple machines.

Here is the example we will be working with. This script, from the Microsoft PowerShell script repository, enumerates the BIOS information from the local machine. Below this example are the steps to gather BIOS information from multiple machines.

$strComputer = "."

$colItems = get-wmiobject -class "Win32_BIOS" -namespace "root\CIMV2" `
-computername $strComputer

foreach ($objItem in $colItems) {
write-host "BIOS Characteristics: " $objItem.BiosCharacteristics
write-host "BIOS Version: " $objItem.BIOSVersion
write-host "Build Number: " $objItem.BuildNumber
write-host "Caption: " $objItem.Caption
write-host "Code Set: " $objItem.CodeSet
write-host "Current Language: " $objItem.CurrentLanguage
write-host "Description: " $objItem.Description
write-host "Identification Code: " $objItem.IdentificationCode
write-host "Installable Languages: " $objItem.InstallableLanguages
write-host "Installation Date: " $objItem.InstallDate
write-host "Language Edition: " $objItem.LanguageEdition
write-host "List Of Languages: " $objItem.ListOfLanguages
write-host "Manufacturer: " $objItem.Manufacturer
write-host "Name: " $objItem.Name
write-host "Other Target Operating System: " $objItem.OtherTargetOS
write-host "Primary BIOS: " $objItem.PrimaryBIOS
write-host "Release Date: " $objItem.ReleaseDate
write-host "Serial Number: " $objItem.SerialNumber
write-host "SMBIOS BIOS Version: " $objItem.SMBIOSBIOSVersion
write-host "SMBIOS Major Version: " $objItem.SMBIOSMajorVersion
write-host "SMBIOS Minor Version: " $objItem.SMBIOSMinorVersion
write-host "SMBIOS Present: " $objItem.SMBIOSPresent
write-host "Software Element I " $objItem.SoftwareElementID
write-host "Software Element State: " $objItem.SoftwareElementState
write-host "Status: " $objItem.Status
write-host "Target Operating System: " $objItem.TargetOperatingSystem
write-host "Version: " $objItem.Version

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