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Using multiple Character Sets

By gralhas ·
Hi guys,

I have a question regarding character Sets, I will try to briefly explain the situation.

We have installed Exchange 2000 to be our Mail Gateway (inbound and outbound) it connects through a connector to Lotus Notes Server. It works very well no problem but there are some strange things going on for example japanese people can not read japanese mail because they get strange characters instead of japanese text.

So I installed foreign Characters in W2000 where Exchange and the connector sit in, no change afterwards I configured the Notes Client that is used by Exchange to also have these foreign Character Sets, YES japanese people can read the BODY of the message not the subject field, But now the problems get worst because now I have a problem with countries that use different character sets than japanese or Latin for example : Nordic Regions and Germany for them it is now not possible to see their mail correctly.
I installed also on the Notes Server the intl.Language Pack for Windows NT 4.0
and this also didn't work.

PLEASE HELP ME !!!! It has been two weeks of testing and testing and I am getting very tired ...


Paulo Ferreira

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