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    using multiple ethernet switches and a hub

    by moh1635450782 ·

    my ethernet network is causing me a lot of headaches. I wonder if anyone can help me. Due to ethernet cabling in my home being quite segmented Im not able to have 1 or 2 switches to connect all my devices together. I have my internet hub with gigabit ports in the landing on my ground floor of my home. This connects to my ISP and gives my home internet access, I have to use the hub provided by ISP for it work. Now I have 1 cat 6 cable link between that landing (via the gigabit port on ISP hub) to my my small office upstairs. I have another cat6 cable link (via the gigabit port on ISP hub) to the sitting room on the ground floor. Both the small office and sitting room both have their own 6 port gigabit switch with multiple devices connected. Add to this I have another 6 port gigabit switch in an upstairs bedroom which is connected via a cat6 cable link to the small office gigabit switch. Network seems to run ok . However network buffers when video streaming between small office and sitting room as it goes via the hub and 2 switches. When I stream video between bedroom and small office , there is no buffeing its just 2 switches. I tried adding a 6 port switch to the ISP hub and it brought my network to a complete stop.
    Also the ISP hub is the default gatway and DHCP server for all devices. Is there any way to segregate traffic so I can use a switch next to hub so get it to perform better ? Maybe using VLANS (i think this will cutoff users to the internet). Or is there another way to improve my network by using a router to help direct or segregate traffic but allow all devices still to access the internet. Also all 3 switches are using the uplink ports for the cat6 cable link.


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