Using multiple Subnets in LAN & allowing communication between

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I'm not new to networks and computers, so it bothers me that I can't figure this out on my own.

At work we have 1 network using the 192.168.100.x addresses. We have our Internet connection in (actually, we have 2- a T1 and a new Fiber).

For the Fiber connection we'll have a CISCO PIX 506E VPN router (it's old, we know) and on the T1 we have a Netgear VPN router. DHCP is handled by a server running Windows Server 2003. We want to subnet our network so database testers and developers have some addresses to use and to assign VPN connections different addresses. The only problem is is I can't figure out how to route between the subnets with the current layout we have. We would really prefer not to have to purchase any more equipment. We have servers and print servers on the network and all computers need to be able to access them, no matter the subnet. Also, if the gateway is on one subnet, will the other subnets be able to use it? Subnetting was not my best area when doing networks.

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by CG IT In reply to Using multiple Subnets in ...

in simple terms is what your trying to accomplish is to put db testers and developers in their own broadcast domain and allow VPN in to [where?]

you also want to use DHCP in this broadcast domain so you don't have to mess with static addressing?

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