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    Using Netscape, How do I save all of my


    by karmelkids

    I need to save all my emails in my Netscape, messenger because I am likely going to have to restore my whole system. Had problems after uswest gateway had to be rebooted a couple days ago and display, desktops, apprearences, & misc other things no longer operatin right. Even went into a “Safe Mode”, I haven’t a clue what’s going on so figured I’d have to just start all over and restore my system. When I go under appearances and try and cg the scheme, say to “teal” it used to cg all the setting to teal, now it doesn’t it just makes some kind of a different backgroud, lots of very tiny dots.
    So, pls tell me how to save my emails to my D zip drive before I restore.

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      Using Netscape, How do I save all of my

      by overseer

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      With Netscape just copy the mail folder (c:\program files\netscape\users\profile name\mail) to a disk or unaffected drive during the restore. You can also move your bookmarks & address book. Save bookmark.html file to disk & use export utility in address book. (open address book – file – export – save as .ldif file if using net 4.5 or higher) After you finish the restore, put bookmark file back in your new profile folder, & import your messages & address book using the import utilities in messenger & address book program. Don’t fret. Its easier than it sounds. Good Luck 馃檪

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      Using Netscape, How do I save all of my

      by sframes

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      From readinfg your message, what you really want to do is grab your mail files from your computer and safely save them until you do a restore. If thats the case, it’s really easy. Netscape writes them out to a file that usually is c:/program files/netscape/users/name/mail

      Just grab this file and move it to your zip and you will have inbox, sent, outbox, waste.

      After you restore your system, simply put this file back in the same space and you are done.

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