using norton internet security 2002 in 2008

By rmc ·
We need to get security updates udates for norton
internet security 2002 for current years ie 2008

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Symantec would know

by robo_dev In reply to using norton internet sec ...

Is your product supported or EOL (end of life)?? Check symantec web site.

If the product is EOL, Symantec will allow signature updates, but not program updates.

Of course if it's unregistered, it typically will not allow either.

Have you tried it?

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by rmc In reply to Symantec would know

Got new in box on ebay trying to find something to protect the old nt system still online so I guess it would be an eol product.0we will try to license do theig updates. Thanks fort your help.

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I didn't know that Norton's had my Bugbear program in 2002

by OH Smeg In reply to using norton internet sec ...

I always thought that they Had System Work back then without the Firewall.

But Semantic is the correct answer as they are the company who make the product so they will support it while it is Licensed.

Of course you need a way to connect to Semantic to download any Updates but if all you want is Virus Definitions some PC Magazines have the NOD Virus Definitions on their Cover CD's.

Not sure if these will work on product out of License though.


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