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    using of two hard disc


    by marlon_balido ·

    procedure, how to configure/install, use a two hard disc

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      Are these SCSI or IDE?

      Is a RAID card involved?

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      by dmiles ·

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      You can connect one or two hard drives to the primary IDE connection on your motherboard. To determine which connection is the primary connection you will need to refer to the manual that came with your motherboard which should give a picture of your motherboard showing where each connection is located. We will go into more detail concerning the actual installation in the next article ‘Installing Drives’. For now, if you have two hard drives you must decide which one you want to be the ‘master’ and which one will be the ‘slave’. The master drive will contain your operating system and should probably be the larger and faster of the two hard drives. Once you have decided which drive is the master and which is the slave (if you only have one hard drive, it will be the master), you need to set the jumper pins on each hard drive to correspond to this. The jumper pins are located on the back of each hard drive next to the power and IDE connections; usually the jumper pins consist of four pairs of pins. Somewhere on the drive itself there should be a label showing the various jumper settings; if there is not, you will find it in the manual that came with your hard drive. Look carefully at the diagram, then look at the jumper to determine what is the current setting. If it is not set correctly, use something with a fine point such as a pen to remove the jumper from the pins; it should come out quite easily. Replace the jumper in the position indicated by the jumper diagram to set it as either master or slave.

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