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    Using Powerpoint in CATV?


    by computech911 ·

    I have a customer who has several televisions in a medical office who wishes to have a power-point presentation streamed to all televisions. All the televisions currently are hooked into basic cable so my idea was to take advantage of that. I know how use a TV tuner card and get a signal out of a computer so that is not a problem.

    My question is how do I go about sending a simultaneous TV signal from a computer without affecting their ability to use cable TV? Can I hook it in to the coax cable signal and create my own ‘channel’? What kind of hardware/software would I need for that?

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      by computech911 ·

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      There has to be a

      by ic-it ·

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      multiplexor (and a demultiplexor) somewhere. Look for a common point that all the other cables feed into.

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      Community CATV

      by idee_2003 ·

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      We have a cable tv station but no equipment to plug in to program or broadcast events. We have a modulator but need other equipment to program and broadcast. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

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        “Community”, as in a town?

        by seanferd ·

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        And you want to transmit to the general public? You need a deal with a local cable provider.

        Closed system/ in-house?
        You’ll need co-ax to pipe the signal out to the receivers. Depending on what you are doing, you want cameras & sound equipment, production equipment, some sort of head end, etc.

        I’d start reading up on cable broadcast operations, and content production. For ideas about equipment, do a search like
        and have a look through results that look like they apply to your situation.

        You’ll definitely need someone who knows what there doing in order to set it up and keep it running. There’s no way to DIY without understanding what you are doing – you can’t just plug some stuff in and go.

        You may also need to check the relevant FCC law.

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      Couple of solutions

      by robo_dev ·

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      First of all, most tuner cards I’ve seen are receive-only, so unless yours is different, that is not the hardware you need.

      One basic solution is to get a VGA-to-NTSC convertor to output composite video from the PC VGA adaptor. VGA2NTSCPRO

      it’s probably best to get a dedicated convertor, as you can adjust picture size, brightness, flicker, etc.

      The only issue would be on the TVs…some PCs make switching to another input very easy, and some are difficult. It would be no different than hooking a DVD player to the TV. As long as the TVs are within around 100 feet from the source, there should be enough signal without amplification. (use CCTV camera hookup cables for this). If you need stereo sound, make sure you run enough cables for this.

      The simplest solution would be to get a TV that can show photo slide shows natively. Then you make each slide a JPG, put it on a USB jump drive, and set the TV to play the slide-show over and over.

      Alternately, you could make a autoplay/autorepeat DVD of the slide show and use a cheap DVD player to loop the video.

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