Using real routers with VMWare on my PC?

By paradimes ·
Greets All~

Maybe I've just missed the big picture here...but I'm confused...

I'm running win xp and a VMWare guest with Linux Red Hat 3.

Due to studying, I want/need to use routers I have bought, prior to finding dynamips/GNS3, VMWare etc, and just wondering if it is even possible to intergrate the two together (and how)?

I know VMWare is using bridged networking...everything else is...fuzzy-

Can anyone provide any clarify for me and what direction I might go next in my never-ending quest?

Goal: using the routers I have sitting around; I'd like to use them to run additional scenarios outside, or combined with, the virtual the same time.

Thanks in advance~

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What is it that you want to use here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Using real routers with V ...

A Router goes between the DSL or Cable Modem and the computer as a Added Security Layer.

VMWare is used to host a Virtual Machine so that you can in effect have more than 1 OS installed on your computer. VM Ware then bridges the LAN Connection from the Base OS to the Virtual Machine on your system so that the second or more OS can access the Internet or network depending on the actual hardware in use at that location.

So if you want to add a Router all you need do is plug it in between the Modem that you have and your computer and then with the Base OS configure the Router to work with your system by opening a Browser and entering the Routers HTTP Address. When you have opened the Routers Web Page Interface you can then enter the User Name & Password to configure the Router as required.


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by universe.lib In reply to Using real routers with V ...

Hi, here is a link of a folder full of Cisco IOS,

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