Using result of WEBSERVICE query in a calculation

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I am an Excel novice, so please bear with me.
I import stock pricing information from in to Excel using the WEBSERVICE function. I can copy the result and use the 'paste special' to put it in another cell. I can then use that result in a basic formula (=10/4 for example).

However, here is my dilemma. The value that I past becomes static. If the imported value changes in the source cell, the value in the pasted cell does not change. I need to have the dynamic result present in the target cell in such a way that I can do a basic calculation on it.

Here's my example:
I use the webservice to pull the annual posted dividend for a stock. I want to copy that result and paste it in to a different cell where I want to divide it by 4 to give me the quarterly dividend.

If I try to do that using a dynamic value I get a #VALUE! error. If I use a static value it works fine, but then I lose the benefit of the dynamic nature of the import.

All help is appreciated.

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