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    Using SBS 2003 – DHCP and DNS conflicts


    by info ·

    I have SBS 2003 server OS loaded on an HP server ML110 and I am having trouble configuring DHCP and DNS on the server box. I only have 1 network card to configure both DNS and DHCP. Will this work? I also have a Netgear Firewall VPN Router model FV318 which I use as the switch interface for the 3 Windows XP Pro PC’s as well as the server. I have loaded all of the necessary server 2003 updates and SP1. My problem is when I attempt to setup DNS, I am not aware how to think about the naming convention properly thus my train of thought is confused. If I setup the network card as DNS, I loose the DSL connection (AT&T DSL). What do I need to do so that both of them can co-exist using the single network card?

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      Reply To: Using SBS 2003 – DHCP and DNS conflicts

      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      What you need to do is configure DNS for internal use on the windows 2003 server and configure DHCP to use that DNS server.

      For external DNS name resolution you configure Forward IP address(es) in the properties of the DNS servers so other dns eg internet addresses can be resolved.

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