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    Using Skype on AT&T iPhone 4S – data or voice ??


    by glnz ·

    We are based in the US but my wife spends a lot of time in Thailand on business. Three months ago I was able to get her UNLIMITED DATA on a new iPhone 4S on AT&T not only when she uses the iPhone here in the US but also when she brings it abroad, especially to Thailand. Our AT&T bills confirm that all her data use (web and emails) is unlimited-free whether she is using the iPhone here in the US or in Bangkok. SO … BIG QUESTION … if she is using Skype on her iPhone WHILE SHE IS IN BANGKOK and while she is NOT in a WiFi hotspot, and she is using Skype credit to call a phone number in the US, is it still data (which means there is no charge on our AT&T bill) or is it voice (huge charge)?

    Also. what happens if someone in the US calls my wife on her iPhone Skype while she is in Thailand? Again, is it data (free for us) or voice (disaster)?

    Finally, if my wife gets a Skype phone number for her Skype use on the iPhone and someone in the US calls that Skype number and she answers on her iPhone while she is in Thailand, is it data on her AT&T bill (good dog) or voice (bad dog)?

    Obviously, we understand my wife has to buy Skype credit to make calls to a telephone number.

    Thanks – very important for us.

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