Using SonicWALL, forward traffic from on public IP to another public IP

By Susu ·
Our customers communicate with us using proprietary software that connects to our servers over the Internet. We currently have our servers in our corporate office, but we need to move them to a co-location space by the middle of January.
The problem is that many of our customers have the IP address of our corporate office router configured in their client software. (The rest are using a DNS name that points to the address.) When we move to the co-location space, all of the clients with the IP address configured will stop working.

We don't know which customers have IP addresses and which have DNS addresses. Some of them (because of issues with their firewalls) must use IP addresses.

We can't transfer the IP address from our corporate office to the co-location space.

We have a SonicWALL TZ 170 at the corporate office and we will have a TZ 170 at the co-location space. They will have a VPN connection between them.

My question is this: Is there a way to forward traffic destined for the original address to the new address? Or, can we create a NAT rule that forwards traffic to a server across the VPN?

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IP Forward

by mikefusn In reply to Using SonicWALL, forward ...

Anyone have an answer for this?
I have the same problem and cannot find an answer...

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Similar problem

by jasonemmg In reply to Using SonicWALL, forward ...

I have a TZ-170 as well. I recently purchased at TZ-210 because we need additional site-to-site VPN's for clients.

I cannot get 2 clients VPN to work on the 210.

If I assign the 210 a different public IP, is there a way those clients can access everything on the company network connected to the existing TZ-170??

Thanks for assistance!

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Zombie Alert 3 year old post

by CG IT In reply to Using SonicWALL, forward ...

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